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Monday evenings: 8-8:30pm EST on Zoom.
Friday mornings: 7:45-8:45am EST on Zoom.

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* All payment has been and will continue to be ‘as you are able’. *

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Monday sessions $10 minimum recommended.
Friday sessions $20 minimum recommended.
Canadians pay by e-transfer to
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Please reach out if you have any concerns about payment.
Ability to pay should not be a barrier to participation.

What's Unfolding at neySHEV

This month is replete with Jewish holydays. When we are able to hold neySHEV sessions, Aviva will guide us, connecting with the ongoing themes of teshuvah/return, slicha/forgiveness and shmitta/release. Please see recent newsletters for suggestions on places to pray and gather, online and in person, at this time. Shana tova u'metukah/for a Happy and sweet New Year!

Friday, September 3 — 7:45 am ET
Friday, September 10 — 7:45 am ET
Friday, September 17 — NO SESSION
Friday, September 24 — 7:45 am ET
Friday, October 1 — 7:45 am ET

Monday, September 6 — NO SESSION
Monday, September 13 — 8 PM ET
Monday, September 20 — NO SESSION
Monday, September 27 — NO SESSION

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You are welcome here! We are learning and we appreciate your input. Please reach out to us with any accessibility needs, and we will do our best to make sure all who want to come feel welcome, safe, and comfortable.

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